Person meditating crossed legs on a yoga matt with a Shō-moon meditation candle

Embarking on a Meditation Journey: My Personal Experience

Last Sunday marked World Meditation Day, and it got me reflecting on my own meditation journey. Let me take you back to my final year at university—a time of immense pressure, with job hunting, dissertation work, and exams all demanding my attention. Stress had become my unwelcome companion. But then, like a serendipitous encounter, I stumbled upon the Headspace meditation app. Little did I know that just 10 minutes of daily meditation would have such a profound impact on my mental well-being.

Since then, my relationship with meditation has been a beautiful ebb and flow. While I've strived to make it a daily ritual, life's unpredictability often intervenes. Yet, I've come to realise that meditation isn't a quick fix—it's a practice that blossoms over time. When I commit to it regularly, I witness transformative results. I embrace a newfound calmness, stress loses its grip on me, and I find myself pausing before reacting impulsively. It's as if I'm gifted with a fresh perspective, observing life's events from a place of inner stillness rather than being swayed by the chaos of emotions.

But let's be honest—our own minds can be the greatest obstacle to meditation. Even when we pledge to set aside a mere 5 or 10 minutes each day, excuses abound. "I'm too busy," "I'll get to it later," our thoughts whisper, leading us astray. Our minds are crafty, concocting countless reasons to prioritise everything but meditation. Yet, I've discovered that when I truly prioritise it, magical shifts occur. I've found solace in starting my mornings with meditation—a sacred space where I set intentions for the day. In those precious moments, nothing else interferes. It's a cherished sanctuary I guard with unwavering devotion.

During my journey of creating sho-moon, an idea sparked within me. I recalled the ease of practising morning yoga when my yoga clothes and mat were ready and waiting by my bedside. Inspired by this notion, I sought to infuse meditation with the same effortless grace. And so, the idea was born—a gentle reminder tucked beneath the candle lid, in the form of a QR code. A symbol that whispers, "Now is the time to meditate." A simple act that connects us to guided meditation, nurturing our souls as we immerse ourselves in the flickering glow of the candle.

I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey. Let's discover the profound power of inner stillness and embark on a path of self-discovery together. No matter what life may bring, let us find solace in the practice of meditation and embrace the transformative potential it holds.

With Love x, 


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