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How to select fragrances for your home?

When selecting fragrances and scents for your home, prioritise natural products such as pure essential oil candles or diffusers.

Be cautious of items labelled as "natural" as it often only relates to the wax used and not the fragrance used. Or "with" essential oils, as they might still contain harmful fragrance oils detrimental to your well-being; make sure to check the label.

Choose scents according to their aromatherapeutic benefits to align with each room's purpose or with your own intention. 

 In your office, choose refreshing essential oils like Spearmint to enhance focus and ignite creativity. ⁠ Our Flow Meditation Candle is a great fit for this. 

Meanwhile, for your bedroom and bathroom, opt for calming and relaxing essential oils such as Chamomile, Lavender , and Mandarin, which promote relaxation and tranquillity. For the evening, our Calm Meditation Candle is a great choice to help you unwind.  Pure essential oil candles are ideal for this, as they do not contain any boosters or harmful chemicals, ensuring that their scent will not be overpowering while still bringing a delicious aroma to your home.⁠

By mindfully selecting the right scents for each space, you can create a harmonious environment that nurtures your senses and elevates your living experience. Enjoy the delightful fragrances while knowing you have made a health-conscious choice for your home ambience.⁠ 

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