At the heart of shō-moon lies a profound appreciation for the significance of daily rituals to create balance in our lives, and restore us to wholeness. The name shō-moon is inspired by the Zen concept of Kenshō - a state of initial awakening to one’s true nature – merged with the wisdom offered by the moon - of balancing outward and inwards energies in our life.

Similar to the phases of the moon, our lives cycle through periods of growth and expansion, where we create and project ourself outward into the external world, and period of introspection where we go inward and allow for what no longer serves us to fall away. It was during such a time that I discovered the transformative power of Reiki, a discovery that connected me to my true purpose.

During my journey, I came to realise how important daily habits where in maintaining inner balance and in grounding my energy. I discovered that by bringing some magic into these daily habits and turning them in beautiful soulful rituals I was excited to do them and was much more consistent. This realisation sparks a shift in my approach to everyday tasks, by elevating ordinary moments into beautiful rituals, I found myself more present and intentional in everything I did.

And thus shō-moon was born to embody these principles by inspiring people to transform ordinary moments into soulful daily rituals so they may consistently reconnect with their inner magic, and manifest greater balance and harmony.

As someone who aspires for holistic well-being and embraces natural remedies, I was drawn to the idea of combining Reiki, meditation, and aromatherapy to form the basis of a soulful daily ritual. It was during this time that the initial idea of a candle, designed to encapsulate these transformative practices, began to take shape.

Yet, as I delved into the world of candles and home fragrances, I found out that while many candle brands were labelling themselves as “natural” by switching to natural wax such a soy wax, most of them were still using synthetic fragrances or a blend of synthetic fragrances and essential oils.

Determined to stay true to my values, I embarked on a journey to create candles that were truly 100% natural and as planet friendly as possible. I committed to only use natural and vegan ingredients, combining pure essential oils with sustainably sourced coconut and rapeseed wax to provide the cleanest burn. I lovingly hand-pour and package every candle in our West London workshop, working in small batches to ensure a high-quality end product.

Our current offering, The Intention Collection, comprises of three unique candles: Calm, Energise, and Flow. Each candle is infused with a carefully chosen blend of essential oils for their aromatherapeutic benefits, paired with a guided reiki meditation. This blend aims to help you clear your mind and shift your emotional state, whether you're seeking to enter into flow, boost your energy, or calm your nervous system.

Profile Juliette Petit - shō-moon founder

Juliette - shō-moon's Founder