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Tealights Refills

Tealights Refills

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Join the refill revolution and save up to 30% with our tealights refills.  Choose from our 3 signature scents or unscented option available in pure white or yin & yang (black & white).


  • 100% Pure essential oils (if scented)
  • Sustainably sourced coconut & colza wax
  • Linen & unbleached cotton wick

Choose your scent


Top Notes: Mandarin · Zesty Orange · Ripe Green Bergamot

Heart Notes: Lavender · Chamomile


Top Notes: Lemon · Lemongrass

Heart Notes: Lemongrass · Geranium 

Base Notes: Litsea Cubeba · Citrus Peel 


Top Notes: Spearmint · Pepper

Heart Notes: Lavender · Jasmin · Geranium · Ylang-ylang

Base Notes: Vetiver · Amyris · Cedarwood


Choose between pure white or black & white (Yin & Yang)

Tealight Refills Details

  • 4-5 hours burn time per tealight
  • Each box contains 12 tealights refills
  • The tealights refills are packed inside a beautiful kraft box wrapped in silk paper to protect them.
  • Hand poured in our studio in West London
  • Vegan & Sustainable
  • These are tealights REFILLS therefore they come without the cups holders

How to refill your tealights

Step 1: Clean your old tealights cup

Gently pour warm water in the empty candle cup to melt any residual wax, then use a paper towel to clean the inside. Do not use boiling water as this will damage the tealights cup.

Step 2: Check the tealight cup

Before placing inside, check the cup for any cracks. Don't use it if you see any visible damage.

Step 3: Place the refill inside

Simply place the refill directly into the cup and light it. Now, sit back and enjoy!

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance.

How to use tealights refills steps

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